Fast Fire Questions: Gemma Dale

Gemma Dale is the Director of SMSF and Investor Behaviour at nabtrade. Prior to this, Gemma was head of SMSF Solutions at NAB, head of technical services at MLC, senior technical manager at Asgard Wealth Solutions and head of technical services at Suncorp.
Gemma is the host of Your Wealth podcast, a weekly podcast for investors, featuring insights and updates from market and finance experts across a range of topics. Regular market and finance commentator on Your Money, Sky Business, featured on Sunrise, AFR, ABC TV and Radio, Channel Ten and other media. She’s also a regular presenter at major industry events including ASX Investor and Adviser Days, Kanga Conference.

You can listen to Gemma’s Tilly Money podcast episode here.

1. Did you have a business mentor or someone that inspired your career path journey?

Not really. I managed a team for several years, and had a boss who was extremely valuable in helping me to understand how to manage people, which is a very different skill to being good at your job as an individual, but otherwise I’ve been afforded a lot of freedom in my roles which I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated.

2. What are some of the lessons in leadership that you’d encourage other young, aspiring businesswomen to remember and implement?

If you want to do and be more, keep putting your hand up. If you’re not getting anywhere, I’d suggest looking further afield – it’s always sad when good people are overlooked but you may find that if the door in front of you is clearly closed,  you can open another one.

3. What is your approach to money and personal finance, and do you have any money rituals or habits?

I’ve always been a very good saver, because I feel uncomfortable if I don’t have something saved for a rainy day. That is crucial if you want to start investing – you’ve got to have some capital to start with, even just $500. Doing a little, consistently, over a long period of time, is the most boring way to build wealth, but it works. I did take some big risks (buying my first house, for example), which paid off.

4. What is your proudest career achievement?

I’m hoping it’s still ahead of me, although managing a team of people who had very strong ‘engagement’ (ie they liked their work and the team) meant a lot to me.

5. What money/business/life advice would you give to your 21-year-old self (if she’d listen)?

Start investing now, and keep going. With career, don’t be afraid to look beyond what’s right in front of you and take some risks – aim high. And in life – the person you marry will determine a great deal of your happiness, so choose well.



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