The best way to invest in stocks if you’re scared

Author: Peter Switzer

Have you heard that the stock market has done unbelievably well over the past year and you haven’t been a player? And you’d like to, but you’re scared? Peter Switzer shares two investing lessons to help you.>>
Is Afterpay done for?

Author: Paul Rickard

Paul Rickard gives us his opinion on investing in the BNPL sector.>>
It’s raining cats, dogs & vets

Author: Tim Boreham

While the supermarket shelves are laden with gourmet pet delights, investors aren’t exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to listed exposures to one of the most promising growth sectors. Tim Boreham gives us the rundown on the listed pet-related stocks.>>
4 stock plays to benefit from the property boom

Author: Tony Featherstone

We hear about the “wealth effect” a lot during property and share market booms. Tony Featherstone gives us 4 ways stock market investors can benefit from the property boom.>>
7 wealth mantras from Buffett, Gates, Musk and Switzer

Author: Peter Switzer

As an investor or wealth-builder there are some rules that really should become rules of thumb if you want to get richer. We give you 7 key rules for investing to build wealth. >>
Are you interested in renewable energy stocks like hydrogen?

Author: Maureen Jordan

In our Switzer Report, we look at stocks that our subscribers would like to get involved in before their price hits the ceiling and to buy for ethical or environmental reasons. We give you two ASX-listed companies at the forefront of the hydrogen push. >>
Is the highly priced Afterpay a stock worth buying?

Author: James Dunn

Afterpay is an Aussie buy now pay later (BNPL) success story. It is by far the industry leader. Leading finance journalist James Dunn looks at this stock to check if there’s still value as a buy. >>
What’s short selling exactly?

Author: tillymoney

Tilly Money put 5 questions about short selling and the Reddit response to Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard, who’ve both had long careers in financial markets. >>
When stocks fall, do I buy more?

Author: Maureen Jordan

The beauty of dollar-cost averaging is they can turn bad timing and potential losses into eventual wins. >>
Stocks in focus:
Afterpay & Zip Co

Author: Maureen Jordan

The 'buy now, pay later' space has exploded this year, with Afterpay and Zip Co as the frontrunners of the industry. >>