How to find out where
your super is invested

Author: Claire Osman

The superannuation industry is worth around $2.7 trillion, with around $1 trillion of that invested in ‘undisclosed assets.’ The super >>
How to: transfer your super

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If you have multiple superannuation accounts, you're essentially cheating yourself of future savings. Here's how to fix it. >>
The story of women and super

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Women have been subject to a long history of discrimination within superannuation. Would the proposed increase help or hinder? >>
How to read your super statement

Author: Thea McLachlan

Your superannuation is your money that’s invested for you to provide a comfortable lifestyle down the track. Have you ever checked your statement to see what you have invested, what it’s earning and what you’re paying? >>
Recovering women’s super

Author: tillymoney

In our article yesterday on the Female Financial Fallout from COVID, we touched on the important effects to women's superannuation. >>