who we are

Tilly Money is owned by Switzer Financial Group. Switzer is a company respected for its involvement in financial advice and education. Tilly will be working with the iconic Australian-loved brand RUSSH, an independent fashion, beauty and arts magazine for women. By combining both companies’ specialties across financial services and understanding a female demographic, Tilly Money was born.

Tilly Money is led by Maureen Jordan, a lawyer, economist, publisher and respected businesswoman, who is also the CEO of Switzer Financial Group. The team at Tilly includes a diverse group of designers, writers, marketers, advisers, one lawyer and one economist for good measure.


Our mission at Tilly is to make financial information accessible, digestible & interesting for women.



Our vision is to build a community around strengthening females financial wellbeing, independence & literacy.



Our purpose is to contribute to closing the gender wealth gap in Australia.


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