Focussing on the good

Author: Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer tells us why he believes that you can achieve more as a positive person when you stop focussing on the negative.>>
Fast Fire Questions: Colleen Callander

Author: tillymoney

Colleen Callander is the Former Sportsgirl CEO, Founder of ‘Mentor Me Women’ and Author of ‘Leader by Design.’>>
5 Things You Need to Know Today

Author: tillymoney

Charlotte Dujardin becomes Britain’s most decorated female Olympian After winning a bronze in the individual dressage at the 2020 Toyko >>
What things make an investment property more valuable?

Author: Margaret Lomas

Margaret Lomas answers our question: What exactly makes an investment property more valuable?>>
Sit & sulk or be pro-active: the choice is yours

Author: Ben Johnston

Here are 9 ways for small business owners to get pro-active and come out the other end of these lockdowns in a better place!>>
Peter Switzer’s 6 Credit Card Tips

Author: Peter Switzer

To be money savvy, not wanting to be ripped off and by wanting to end up wealthier over time, you can’t be sucked into the credit card illusion. Peter Switzer gives us his 6 tips on using credit cards sensibly.>>
5 Things You Need to Know Today

Author: tillymoney

Women quarantining in UK hotels will now have female guards The Department of Health and Social Care made the change >>
How to plan for the backyard update you’ve always wanted

Author: Mortgage Choice

When we eventually come out of winter, you might find your backyard might need some love. To change things up, we give you our 4 tips to plan for a backyard update while sticking to budget.>>
Define your money story

Author: Jessica Olson

Socrates once said, “to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” but how well do you know your financial self? We give you the run-down on defining your money story and working out your personal values to stay on track towards your journey to wealth.>>


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