Peter Switzer’s 11 tips to increase your wealth

Author: Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer shares his 11 tips for increasing wealth.>>
When Peter Switzer met Tony Robbins!

Author: Peter Switzer

The way we think is usually the chokehold that stops success. Peter gives us the tips he’s learnt from being a long-time Tony Robbins follower and how you can integrate them into your life and career.>>
Gender equality: Where do we stand after COVID19?

Author: Jessica Olson

Applying a gender lens is one very critical and useful step when it comes to designing policy and funding responses that reflect different effects on men and women. The pandemic affected the entire population; however, the negative impact was greater on Australian women than it was on Australian men.>>
Should Bitcoin be banned or regulated?

Author: Paul Rickard

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has risen by over 800% in the last 12 months, but is regulation required? Read Paul’s thoughts on the digital currency movement.>>
Don’t forget to invest in the most important business: yourself

Author: Peter Switzer

Want to understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? Perform a personal SWOT analysis on yourself.>>
Get your money life in order now!

Author: Maureen Jordan

Many people could advise themselves to be wealthier, but they’d have to do the work to get money smarter. Read our advice on how to get your money life in order.>>
Are frequent flyer points worth it?

Author: Peter Switzer

Frequent flyer points can purchase seat upgrades, flights, gifts or vouchers, but is the hype warranted? We’ve given you the rundown and listed the important revelations we think are worth considering. >>
The key ingredients to being rich

Author: Peter Switzer

Those who are successful when it comes to making money have a few tricks up their sleeves. Read our tips on the ingredients you need for a recipe for wealth.>>
7 wealth mantras from Buffett, Gates, Musk and Switzer

Author: Peter Switzer

As an investor or wealth-builder there are some rules that really should become rules of thumb if you want to get richer. We give you 7 key rules for investing to build wealth. >>
How an international man of mystery inspired a 20 year career in finance

Author: Camilla Love

I was inspired to get into finance through my godfather. Growing up, he always lived overseas - Japan and the US, mainly.