Legends leave clues
Peter Switzer discusses the qualities of champions and high achievers, to encourage us to follow the clues successful people leave behind.>>
Episode 21: Jane McNally on fashion & finance
Jane McNally is the CEO of luxury fashion label Camilla. In this conversation Jane talks about the success of Camilla, her career journey and her views on how we will reach pay parity and equality between genders in leadership roles.>>
Should you buy a second property?
Margaret Lomas answers the question, “If buying a second property means having to pay LMI on both loans, is it still a wise decision or should you wait in today’s current property market?”>>
How to increase your property’s value
Renovations are popular amongst Australian home owners, but at what cost? We give you our tips on increasing your property’s value through renovating.>>
How important is protecting your Intellectual Property (IP)?
In the excitement of opening a small business, the idea of protecting your IP may be a background thought. Ben Johnston tells us why it’s imperative to trademark your IP.>>

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