Spring clean your finances this season!

Author: Jessica Olson

Spring has officially sprung and it’s time to do some Spring cleaning! We give you 5 tips on Spring cleaning your finances to help you declutter.>>
Do you know where your money’s being invested?

Author: Jessica Olson

In the same way that you make ethical choices to support free-range farms, you can align your money with your personal values. Read our tips on deciding your bank based on their lending history and policies. >>
Planning your maternity leave

Author: tillymoney

The time you will need to take out of the workforce could disrupt your cash flow and maybe your sense of independence. Here’s how to plan ahead so you can feel secure. >>
Bitcoin – the game Millennials love to play

Author: Tim Boreham

Having fetched $US380 apiece five years ago, Bitcoins last week hit the $US57,000 ($74,000) level before retreating below $US50,000. Is this the start of something big or just a big punt for young players? >>
Changing your money habits

Author: Jessica Olson

Whilst habits can certainly be a time-effective, safe and energy-saving option, they also bind us to behaviours and keep us in a loop that continually produces the same result. >>
9 tips to avoid or overcome investing mistakes

Author: Maureen Jordan

A leading money man lists 9 mistakes we can make when investing and after each one are my tips on how to overcome these. >>
What’s short selling exactly?

Author: tillymoney

Tilly Money put 5 questions about short selling and the Reddit response to Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard, who’ve both had long careers in financial markets. >>
Shopping hacks for the savvy saver

Author: Jessica Olson

It is possible to be a savvy saver when it comes to shopping, regardless of whether it’s for food, cosmetics, travel or fashion with these tips and apps to help. >>
What is a managed fund?

Author: Emma Kirk

Managed funds can be an easy way for new investors to gain access to a professionally managed portfolio of both local and global stocks. >>
What is lifestyle creep and how do you avoid it?

Author: Thea McLachlan

Lifestyle creep is a change in thinking and behaviour. It occurs when you encounter an increase in disposable income and former luxuries become necessary spending. >>