Money worries and your mental health

Author: National Debt Helpline

Anxiety about money issues is common and your finances and mental health are closely linked. We give you 5 tips to take if you’re feeling like you’re struggling.>>
The success story of female co-founded company Canva

Author: Jessica Olson

Canva, the marketplace for designers and creatives, hit an incredible valuation of $55 billion, which is higher than Telstra and Woolworths.>>
Legends leave clues

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Peter Switzer discusses the qualities of champions and high achievers, to encourage us to follow the clues successful people leave behind.>>
What does the 2021 Federal Budget mean for you?

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The Federal Budget details how the Australian government spends your tax money over the next four years. We’ve set out the parts that may impact you.>>
What is Microfinancing?

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Opportunities such as microfinance work towards closing the gap in gender inequality in developing countries. But what exactly is it, who does it benefit and is it effective? We give you the run-down.>>
What is cryptocurrency and how does it work?

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Cryptocurrency is being discussed in mainstream media and everyday life more than ever, but what exactly is it and how does it work? We give you the run-down.>>
Could this stock have a HUGE future?

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Planning your maternity leave

Author: tillymoney

The time you will need to take out of the workforce could disrupt your cash flow and maybe your sense of independence. Here’s how to plan ahead so you can feel secure. >>
4 ways to get active on International Women’s Day

Author: Jessica Olson

This year the theme for International Women’s Day is #ChooseToChallenge, calling everyone to challenge the status quo by celebrating female achievements, creating room for gender equality and removing bias. Here’s how you can be part of this. >>
Money tips I wish I knew before my bub

Author: Maureen Jordan

While the love that a child brings into your life is priceless, the reality is that raising a child is hard work and expensive – over a lifetime, extraordinarily so. >>