5 Things You Need to Know Today


UK Report says only eight of UK’s top 100 companies are headed by women

Research by Cranfield School of Management found that merely eight of the CEOs in the top 100 UK companies were women. However, this is the highest figure for the female Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) board report since it was first published in 1999. Britain’s top-listed businesses have made further progress on gender targets but still have too few women in senior leadership positions.


Survey finds young women victims of online misinformation

A global survey by Plan International Australia, The Truth Gap, surveyed over 26,000 young women to portray the consequences of misinformation on females. 95% of Australian participants responded that they were concerned about misinformation and 83% said they’d been exposed to misleading and false information. More than 50% said that misinformation and conspiracy theories about COVID-19 were the most prevalent. It was then followed by climate change and racial justice. The CEO of Plan International Australia, Susanne Legena, said “the research makes clear that the spread of false information online has real life consequences.” She proposes that governments must educate young women in digital literacy in future.


Australian property development announces 24 months’ parental leave

Australian property development company, Stockland, has launched a new 24 months’ leave for employees that require parental leave. Over the past four years, the company has reported a 64% increase in male employees taking parental leave and decided they wanted to encourage a more flexible approach. Tarun Gupta, managing director and CEO, said “Offering a truly flexible approach to parental leave is about delivering on our ongoing commitment to gender equity and work-life integration.”


UK campaigns for menopausal free hormone replacement therapy

Women in the UK are due to gather in Parliament Square in London to support the menopause bill to fight for free prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy works to replace oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone that women lose while experiencing menopause. It will also ease common symptoms such as the hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings that menopausal women often suffer with.


Women are walking away from work more than ever before

A generation of younger workers, known as pandemic-weary millennials, have been affected by the great COVID disruption, realising they aren’t happy with their job requirements and are leaving the workforce. A lack of flexibility in a corporate setting could be a driving cause, as seen in Deloitte’s Global 2021 Millennial and Gen Z Survey where they found that almost a quarter of respondents said they would like to work in an office “a little to a lot less often” than they did before lockdown.




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