5 things to know today


1. The highest paid star of Tik Tok is Addison Rae, a Louisiana-born Los Angeles native who has earned up to $5 million per year.

2. The Sydney Opera House is reopening for theatre and music shows on October 29, which follows the welcomed news that theatres can now move to filling 50% capacity.  Sydney Opera House Chief Executive, Louise Herron said “It is wonderful to see COVID-19 restrictions easing in NSW, much-loved theatres beginning to reopen, and the artistic and cultural community re-emerging from the significant and far-reaching challenges of 2020.”

3. The listing day for the Adore Beauty IPO is set to be on October 23rd. The company, founded by Kate Morris and lead by CEO Tennealle O’Shannessy, is seeking to raise $269.5 million.

4. In the French Open Women’s Final, Polish tennis player Iga Świątek has defeated Sofia Kenin, 6-, 6-1,  to win her first Gland Slam title.

5. Melbourne’s lockdown is likely to be reviewed for release by Sunday as Premier Daniel Andrews faces mounting pressure from Federal politicians and numerous lawsuits from private industries claiming the ongoing lockdown orders “are not reasonably appropriate and adapted to serve any legitimate purpose in a manner that is compatible with … the system of representative and responsible government.”



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