5 things to know today


1. Recent findings from the ‘Financial Mindfulness Financial Stress Index’ (FSI) report show that an estimated 2.29 million Australians are experiencing levels of financial stress that reduce their wellbeing. As a result, the loss to productivity on Australian business’ is an estimated $32.14 billion per annum.

2. Following Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe’s swearing in ceremony last week, the Australian Senate will officially be 51.3% female.

3. A study by UBS ‘Own Your Worth 2020,’ shows that almost half of women, across wide education backgrounds and age groups, defer their financial decisions to their partners. The trend has supposedly even increased between generations, with 39% of Baby Boomers to 54% of millennials diverting their money management.

4. Senator Jane Hume, Assistant Minister for Superannuation, Financial Services and Financial Technology took to Twitter to hit back at criticism that the recent Federal Budget did not adequately address women. “The budget is not exclusive of women. It’s not a budget for men. It’s for all Australians,” she tweeted.

5. In research around ‘How Women Give – and Invest – for Change’, Claire Costello, Managing Director of Philanthropic Solutions at Bank of America said “women tend to reinvest more than 90% of their assets and earning back into their families nutrition, education, healthcare and more. In contrast, men only reinvest 44% of their income back into their families.”



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