5 things to know today

  1. NSW property listings rose 21% as 2,328 homes were added to the sales market. Meanwhile, Melbourne’s home listings were up 10%, adding 1,294 properties for sale – is it time to start looking? Tilly Money will be walking you through the property process in the coming weeks.


  1. Research by the UK’s Women Budget Group in 2016 has resurfaced as a method of reducing COVID-19 unemployment, by investing in social infrastructure and the “care economy” (childcare, social care etc.). The study found that such an investment would lift women’s employment by 5.3% and reduce the gender employment gap by 2.6%. A similar investment in construction would lead to a 3.8% rise in men’s employment, but also increase the employment gap by 1.8%.


  1. Ex-Lancome CEO Odile Roujol has launched a US$10 million venture capital fund called FAB Ventures that focuses on clean beauty and wellness business, as well as sustainable luxury fashion and Femtech.


  1. Unpublished data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that COVID-19 caused big changes in consumer behaviour over the past year. Aussies bought more alcohol, electrical goods, toys, games and hardware items. But made fewer visits to cafes, restaurants, clothing and shoe stores and bought fewer newspapers & books.


  1. Afterpay have changed their logo from “corporate blue” to a fresh minty green, which Afterpay’s global chief marketing officer Geoff Seeley says, “is writing the next chapter for Afterpay.”


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