5 things to know today

  1. A new US study conducted by New York Life Investments found 50% of women believe their financial advisor is incapable of connecting with them on a personal level or understand their specific needs. 40% of women believe advisors treat women differently, often ignoring or dismissing what they have to say. 62% of women say they have unique investments needs that financial advisors do not understand. Jennifer Tarsney, the Director of New York Life Investments says “women remain misunderstood and undeserved when it comes to financial advice.”


  1. Pope Francis appointed six women to senior positions in the Vatican’s Council for the Economy on Thursday. These appointees all have strong finance backgrounds and come from Germany, Spain, Great Britain and Italy.



  1. TikTok, the video-sharing app, is the next Chinese-owned technology service to come under fire from the US, after an executive order issued by President Donald Trump demanding all American companies to cease business relationships with the service. TikTok, is said to be preparing to file a federal lawsuit against this executive order by tomorrow.


  1. Lebanon’s Information Minister, Manal Abdel Samad announced her resignation on Sunday saying, “I apologize to the Lebanese people, we have not been able to meet their expectations”. Since the Beirut explosion last week, protests and clashes with police have continued on the streets of Lebanon with citizens arguing against the political class.



  1. Taiwan is on board with a US economic empowerment program called the 2X Women’s Initiative, aimed at tackling the economic challenges faced by women in third-world countries. “Under the new collaboration, counterparts will first work with private sector partners to design and conduct two training programs geared towards investment officers, women entrepreneurs, and other key stakeholders to share experiences and best practices related to investing with a gender lens and developing strong gender strategies,” the US International Development Finance Corporation states on its website.


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