Property values are increasing – Is it the right time to invest?

Author: Mortgage Choice

There are many reasons why an investment property is an appealing asset, such as saving on tax, negative gearing and an ongoing rental income that helps to pay the investment loan. Long-term capital gains can boost personal wealth. At this current time in the market, the potential returns on a rental property could be extremely attractive. >>
Is the highly priced Afterpay a stock worth buying?

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Afterpay is an Aussie buy now pay later (BNPL) success story. It is by far the industry leader. Leading finance journalist James Dunn looks at this stock to check if there’s still value as a buy. >>
Tips for first time investors

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If you’re a first time or novice investor, here are some tips for starting to build your understanding of shares >>
9 tips to avoid or overcome investing mistakes

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A leading money man lists 9 mistakes we can make when investing and after each one are my tips on how to overcome these. >>
I missed out on Afterpay. Should I fear missing out on other BNPLs?

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The Buy now, pay later sector has grown beyond belief. There are of these listed on the ASX. But will they all have outstanding success like Afterpay? >>
5 financial goals for 2021

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It’s time to buckle down and get serious about your goals this coming year. Here are 5 money goals to consider. >>
Stocks in focus:
Afterpay & Zip Co

Author: Maureen Jordan

The 'buy now, pay later' space has exploded this year, with Afterpay and Zip Co as the frontrunners of the industry. >>
How to buy overseas shares

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We're all very familiar with Apple, Google, Netflix and Amazon. But have you ever thought about buying shares in them? >>