Is Qantas ready for take off?

Author: Paul Rickard

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce thinks we’ll be flying internationally by December, which is great for anyone wanting to break out from the confinement of our shores. But what about the Qantas share price? If you’ve been on standby to buy shares, have you missed the flight?>>
It’s raining cats, dogs & vets

Author: Tim Boreham

While the supermarket shelves are laden with gourmet pet delights, investors aren’t exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to listed exposures to one of the most promising growth sectors. Tim Boreham gives us the rundown on the listed pet-related stocks.>>
7 wealth mantras from Buffett, Gates, Musk and Switzer

Author: Peter Switzer

As an investor or wealth-builder there are some rules that really should become rules of thumb if you want to get richer. We give you 7 key rules for investing to build wealth. >>
Property values are increasing – Is it the right time to invest?

Author: Mortgage Choice

There are many reasons why an investment property is an appealing asset, such as saving on tax, negative gearing and an ongoing rental income that helps to pay the investment loan. Long-term capital gains can boost personal wealth. At this current time in the market, the potential returns on a rental property could be extremely attractive. >>
Unzipping the story of Zip

Author: James Dunn

Zip is Afterpay’s biggest rival. Should you buy it? If you own it, should you keep it? >>
Tips for first time investors

Author: Peter Switzer

If you’re a first time or novice investor, here are some tips for starting to build your understanding of shares >>
5 financial goals for 2021

Author: Jessica Olson

It’s time to buckle down and get serious about your goals this coming year. Here are 5 money goals to consider. >>
When stocks fall, do I buy more?

Author: Maureen Jordan

The beauty of dollar-cost averaging is they can turn bad timing and potential losses into eventual wins. >>
What is negative gearing?

Author: Maureen Jordan

Despite the name being 'negative,' there is a really positive appeal to negative gearing as a tax-friendly incentive. >>
How I broke into the stock market

Author: Maureen Jordan

Maureen Jordan shares her experience of biting the bullet and getting into the stock market. >>