3 apps to help learn how to: micro-invest and make money

Author: Jessica Olson

Investing is one way people let their money do the money-making for them, however many of us aren’t ready to delve into that world or don’t have the financial capacity to do so yet. One way to dip your toe in the investing pool is with micro-investing apps. >>
Could this stock have a HUGE future?

Author: Maureen Jordan

Peter Switzer casts his eye over a stock with great potential and runs this past an ‘expert’ who Peter uses on his TV show on YouTube.>>
Are you interested in renewable energy stocks like hydrogen?

Author: Maureen Jordan

In our Switzer Report, we look at stocks that our subscribers would like to get involved in before their price hits the ceiling and to buy for ethical or environmental reasons. We give you two ASX-listed companies at the forefront of the hydrogen push. >>
What is an ETF?

Author: Camilla Love

There are many confusing terms to decode when first getting into investing. We give you the complete run-down on what an ETF is and why we prefer active ETFs >>
Unzipping the story of Zip

Author: James Dunn

Zip is Afterpay’s biggest rival. Should you buy it? If you own it, should you keep it? >>
Is the highly priced Afterpay a stock worth buying?

Author: James Dunn

Afterpay is an Aussie buy now pay later (BNPL) success story. It is by far the industry leader. Leading finance journalist James Dunn looks at this stock to check if there’s still value as a buy. >>
Bitcoin – the game Millennials love to play

Author: Tim Boreham

Having fetched $US380 apiece five years ago, Bitcoins last week hit the $US57,000 ($74,000) level before retreating below $US50,000. Is this the start of something big or just a big punt for young players? >>
Tips for first time investors

Author: Peter Switzer

If you’re a first time or novice investor, here are some tips for starting to build your understanding of shares >>
What is rentvesting?

Author: Thea McLachlan

Rentvesting is a term that describes buying an investment property that you can afford but continuing to rent and live somewhere that suits your lifestyle. >>
9 tips to avoid or overcome investing mistakes

Author: Maureen Jordan

A leading money man lists 9 mistakes we can make when investing and after each one are my tips on how to overcome these. >>